Lea DeLaria ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Shuts Down Subway Preacher [Video]

lea delaria

Gotta love public transportation and camera phones.

Orange Is The New Black actress, Lea DeLaria, known for playing Big Boo did not have the patience to remain silent on a certain subway ride this Tuesday with a preacher openingly speaking his religious hate-speech.

Not only is she wearing a “Bad Jew” t-shirt, but her bag says “God Hates Bags.” It is almost like this was meant to happen. Trying to drown out his pessimistic speech, DeLaria starts to sing, and other people on the subway join her. When the song doesn’t work, the OITNB actress takes matters into her own hands.

After being called a homosexual slur, things get heated. There are two videos. The first is a bit longer and the second has a better angle.


She needs a subway trophy.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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