Emma Watson Dedicates Award To Hamster [Video]

You can probably name most of Emma Watson’s Harry Potter co-stars but what about her hamster? The actress put her furry friend in the spotlight this weekend while accepting a BAFTA Award.

Watson, who won the British Artist of the Year Award, used her hamster, Millie, as an example of how the British Film inudstry has been like a second family to her. The actress said that after Millie died on the set of Harry Potter, the crew built a little coffin so that Millie could have a proper goodbye.

Emma said during her speech: “The British film industry hasn’t just been a workplace for me, it’s been the place I’ve grown up, it’s been a surrogate family. And a sweet but slightly morbid example of this, is when on the first Harry Potter film, my on-set hamster, Millie, had a heart attack and didn’t quite make it … So the set decorators built a small, mahogany-sized hamster coffin. And it had a velvet lining and a silver plaque on the front which had Millie’s name engraved on it. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, you’re all very special to me, and your vote of confidence means a lot. And I take it as such a great honour that you’re giving me this award tonight. Erm … I mean business. Thank you very, very much, and rest in peace, Millie. This one’s for you.”

What did you think of Emma Watson’s speech?

Dan Evon

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