Alex From Target Is A Sensation For Some Reason

It hasn’t been announced yet but we’re guessing that Alex From Target will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show later this week.

The Target employee became an internet sensation this weekend because… because… well, we’re not exactly sure why. Somebody took a photo of Alex From Target and posted it on the internet sometime this weekend. It then went viral because… because… we still don’t know why.

I’m the actual person who took this photo search it up on google my Twitter in bio

A photo posted by Alexfromtarget (@auscalum) on

Even Alex From Target is confused by his new found fame. After racking up more than 300,000 followers in less than 24 hours, he took to Twitter to ask a very important question.

Yes, apparently you are.

If you’re still confused about who Alex From Target is or why he’s famous, please, stop trying to figure it out. All you need to know is that Twitter + teens = an unstoppable and incomprehensible force.

Dan Evon

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