Operation Game Inventor John Spinello Can’t Afford His Own Operation

John Spinello, creator of the popular game Operation, is struggling to pay his medical bills.

Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, a pair of game makers and friends of Spinello, have started an online fundraiser on Crowdrise.com in an effort to raise $25,000 for the Operation creator’s medical expenses.o

A statement on Crowdrise.com reads:  “John has had a good life, but has admitted to us that he is struggling to pay his bills and is in need of a medical procedure without sufficient insurance coverage. We launched this Crowdrise fundraiser to call on anyone who has ever played and loved Operation to send John a note and maybe, a monetary gift of appreciation.”


USA Today reports that Spinello created Operation back in 1964. The game has made millions for Milton Bradley but Spinello never got any of that money. He sold the rights to the toy company decades ago for just $500.

It’s pretty sad that Spinello, the man who created a classic game about surgery, is having trouble paying for his own medical bills, but this is not a sad story. This morning, Walsh and Brown reached their $25,000 goal.

The duo left a message: “What can we say? We woke up this morning to $25,200! We can’t thank you all enough. We’re working on a special video thank you coming soon!”


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