John Carter Cash Strips To Underwear At Airport, Gets Arrested

John Carter Cash, son of musicians Johnny Cash and June Cash, was arrested this week after he stripped down to his underwear at the Deer Lake Airport in Newfoundland.

Cash, who was reportedly drunk and unruly at the airport, was on his way home from a hunting trip on Monday when he decided to take off his clothes. Security arrived and eventually persuaded Cash to get dressed again. He was then taken into custody so that he could sober up.

John Carter Cash was held overnight but he was not charged with a crime. According to the NY Daily News, Canadian officials decided not to charge Cash with a crime because he cooperated with the officers and that the bizarre scene was also only witnessed by a few people.

Cash, who does not have a criminal record, opened up about his parent’s addiction problems in his book Anchored in Love: The Life and Legacy of June Carter Cash.

Cash writes: My father, he wouldn’t be belligerent or violent. It was never that way. He just would simply sort of slip out of the picture. It happened the same way with my mother, later … The honest thing is that my parents wanted to help people. That is part of my responsibility, to carry on that legacy. Hopefully the point of the book is long-lasting love, even though it may be through long suffering.”

Dan Evon

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