Watch Iggy Azalea Make ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut With New Single “Beg For It” [Video]

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The Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, made her Saturday Night Live debut this past weekend after SNL took a week off and came back with the Halloween episode. This week’s host was the iconic Jim Carrey who killed every sketch! Amazing job, but you wouldn’t expect anything else.

Iggy Azalea managed to do a medley of her two most famous songs, “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” with a special appearance by Rita Ora. Both ladies performances’ were very theatrical, perhaps because of the Halloween theme? It was interesting to hear both those hits in such a TV/slightly acoustic way. It was obvious, in a good way, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora were not lip syncing.

Definitely sounds different than my iPod version, which many people picked up on and had their negative comments, but what was anyone expecting?

Iggy came back to unveil her latest single “Beg For It” with Danish singer-songwriter MØ. This was VERY hard to sit through. Iggy does a great job singing her new song, but when MØ hits the stage, you can tell she is nervous and it showed through her singing. I was cringing heavily, yet felt very bad for her at the same time.

It was evident Iggy new she was nervous and that her performance was not her best. Iggy posted a photo to Instagram from the Halloween party sketch and in the caption wrote about the entirety of the show, giving MØ a shou tout of support.

Her caption reads, “My thoughts on tonight: 1. I had so much fun doing the Halloween party skit 2. I loved the promo pictures but I wish they hadn’t photoshopped all my moles off my face (hey, I like those things!!) 3. Rita’s hair gave me an energy boost 4. MO congratulations on your first television! (It only gets easier!) 5. I loved the dancers costumes 6. Thanks!”

[Photo credit: SNL Facebook]


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