Before Halloween, John Oliver Takes Aim At Sugar Industry

This weekend, millions of kids will go door to door in search of a sugar. Trick or Treating is a fun, innocent Halloween tradition. Right? Well, let’s hear what John Oliver has to say about the sugar industry.

The host of Last Week Tonight took on the sugar industry on Sunday night ahead of Halloween. The comedian apparently has a problem with the fact that Americans will spend more than $2 billion on something that is basically a drug.

Oliver said: “Asking what causes obesity is a bit like asking who killed a first-grade class’s hamster … Sure, they all killed it in a way, but I think we all know one of them killed it the most.”

Of course, Halloween isn’t the only time that Americans consume sugar. According to Oliver, sugar, which “effects our brains like cocaine” is basically in everything we eat. The comedian points at products like Clamato and Cranberry juice, saying that these items would be absolutely undrinkable if it weren’t for sugar.

Oliver says: “Cranberries are nature’s most disgusting berry. Cranberries taste like cherries that hate you. And the industry knows it. The head of Ocean Spray wrote to the FDA saying that cranberries are naturally low in sugar giving them a distinctively tart, astringent and even unpalatable taste. Yes, that’s the head of Ocean Spray describing its defining ingredient as unpalatable.”

Check out the clip below.

Dan Evon

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