Watch Jessica Lange Sing Lana Del Rey In AHS: Freak Show [Video]

Lange AHS

Ryan Murphy does a significant amount of teasing the American Horror Story fans with what may or may not happen in a season or a specific episode. Murphy’s comment that Jessica Lange would sing Lana Del Rey proved to be true and incredible when Elsa Mars (played by Lange) covered Lana Del Rey’s “Gods and Monsters” in last night’s episode.

It was the highlight of the episode, which is a two part Halloween episode. With it themed for Halloween, Jessica Lange’s rendition was a spooky one. She slays the song and her matching outfit, while making eyes with Edward Mordrake, played by Wes Bentley.

For those fans who loved it so much, you can purchase Lange’s cover on iTunes here.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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