Brick Flicks: 15-Year-Old Recreates Movie Scenes With Legos [Video]

Do you like The Wizard Of Oz? E.T.? Breakfast At Tiffany’s? What about Legos? If you like any of those things you’ll probably love Morgan Spence’s “Brick Flicks.”

According to Mashable, the 15-year-old was tasked by Lego artist Warren Elsmore to create a promotional video for his upcoming book. What Spence created was a beautiful stop motion film that mimics famous scene from different classic films.

Spence said: “Lego is the perfect medium for animation because it is almost as if it’s been designed for animation. The scale and minifigures work really well for walking and adding in movements and character.”

Brick Flicks features scenes and movie posters from 60 different films, including Titanic, Wayne’s World, Dracula, The Sound Of Music, The Shining, The Wizard Of Oz, and Life Of Pi. 

Check out “Brick Flicks” below.

As you can probably tell, this isn’t Spence’s first movie. The 15-year-old has been uploading his stopmotion Lego movies to his YouTube page since 2011. He’s worked with DJ Paul Oakenfold, the British Red Cross, and Lego artist Warren Elsmore and his videos have racked up more than three million views so far.

Brick Flicks has nearly racked up 1 million views but it isn’t Spence’s most popular video. At least not yet. Check out his Train Crash video which has 1.7 million views.

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