‘Because I Got High’ Remake Pushes Marijuana Reform

Are you ready for a shocker? Afroman, the singer behind the 2001 hit “Because I Got High,” supports the legalization of marijuana.

The singer’s 2001 hit is a catchy, fun tune about marijuana culture. The majority of the song paints talks about the recreational aspects of marijuana use and paints stoners as lazy people who just don’t care about anything.

The song was a huge hit for Afroman but it didn’t paint stoners in the best light. That’s why the singer decided to remake the song, with the help of the National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws, to “set the record straight” about weed.

The singer told Rolling Stone: “With the current political battle with states trying to legalize weed, I thought it was a good time to educate – or set the record straight – about marijuana’s benefits, which is why I wanted to remake the song.”

The latest version of “Because I Got High” replaces lyrics like “I was going to clean my room, but then I got high,” with lyrics like “I had problems with glaucoma, but then I got high.”

Check out the new song below.


Dan Evon

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