Aaron Rodgers Look-Alike Tom Wrigglesworth Finally Meets Green Bay QB

When English comedian Tom Wrigglesworth realized that he looked just like Aaron Rodgers he decided to have a little fun. The comedian flew from London to Green Bay to mingle with some Packers fan and even got the chance to meet his doppleganger.

Tom Wrigglesworth has a unique look when he takes the stage. He wears bright colors, has long hair, and a big bushy mustache. Needless to say, he was a little shocked to hear that there was an American who looked just like him.

Wrigglesworth says:  “I look like this and this is a very very… honed look. Imagine my surprise when someone said ‘oh I know someone who looks like you.”

Wrigglesworth went to a diner in Green Bay and easily fooled a few Packers fans. That isn’t too surprising. What is really surprising is that the comedian was able to fool some of Rodgers’ teammates. While standing outside of Lambeau Field, Wrigglesworth ran into several players and they all, at least briefly, thought they were talking to Aaron Rodgers.

Check out the video below.

Do you think Tom Wrigglesworth looks like Aaron Rodgers? Maybe they really are distant distant cousins.

Dan Evon

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