Blogger Cory Williams Discovers ‘Coolest Sound Ever’ [Video]

Cory Williams is a 10-year-old child trapped in a grown man’s body. The Alaskan blogger recently discovered the “coolest sound in the world” and while it is a pretty cool sound, the video is truly worth watching to see Williams’ giddy reaction.

Williams is YouTube’s unofficial Alaska tourguide. He explores cities, nature, and visits different restaurants and businesses. In his latest video, he checks out a creepy thrift store, goes shopping for pizza, and discovers the joy of watching his windshield wipers hit a tennis ball.

Oh, he also hears “the coolest sound ever” for the first time in his life.

Check out the video below. The entire video is worth watching but if you only want to hear the “coolest sound ever,” scroll to the 3:40 mark.

Yeah, that was a pretty cool sound, but Cory Williams’ reaction is really what makes this video.

And in case you’re wondering, Williams isn’t the first person to discover this sound. Cottage Life magazine explains why skipping rocks over frozen water causes “chirping and “pinging,” writing: “They’re different from the noises you’d generate by whipping rocks at, say, dirt, because underneath the ice the water isn’t solid. Ice vibrates up and down, similar to a drumhead or cymbal vibrating after being struck.”

Dan Evon

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