Robert Downey Jr. To Suit Up For ‘Captain America 3’

Robert Downey Jr. said earlier this year that he has no plans to make an Iron Man 4 but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Tony Stark. The comic book character will have major roles in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” “The Avengers 3,” and the new Captain America movie.

According to Variety, the actor is currently in final negotiations to appear in Captain America 3. 

The new movie, which will follow the Civil War story line from the comic book, will pit Tony Stark against Captain America’s alter-ego Steve Rogers after the Government enacts the “Superhero Registration Act” to unmask anyone with superhuman abilities. Tony Stark is for the initiative while Captain America thinks that the government is overstepping its bounds and violating his civil liberties. Rogers goes on the run to avoid arrest and Stark helps the government track him down.

It will be an interesting role for Robert Downey Jr. The actor has expressed his desire to get back to normal roles, like his new movie The Judge, but apparently turning Iron Man into a villain was too much to resist.

Marvel is hoping to have Captain America 3 ready for a May release in 2016. Production should begin next spring.

Dan Evon

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