Amanda Bynes: My Father Abused My As A Child

amanda bynes bikini

Concerns over Amanda Bynes’ mental health surfaced again this week after the actress was caught on camera exhibiting strange behavior inside a New York boutique. Bynes took to Twitter after the video went viral to tell her fans that she was not suffering from any mental illness. While the actress rallied against the video, she also confessed that her father abused her as a child.

Bynes insisted that she does not need to see a therapist. Instead, she needs to see a plastic surgeon.

Amanda Bynes may have also revealed the reason why she believes that she needs plastic surgery. The actress said that her father was physically and verbally abusive to her. She also said that he frequently “touched himself” in front of her.

Amanda Bynes said that she was finally ready to take legal action against her father. The actress wrote on Twitter that she will be meeting with a lawyer in an attempt to get a restraining order.

We don’t know anything about Amanda Bynes’ mental health. But it’s clear that the young actress has some issues to work through. Whether it’s her father, or her need to change her appearance, we hope that Amanda Bynes gets help and is able to live her life “free of unhappiness and misery.”

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