Amanda Bynes Shoplifting Video Has Fans Worried

A bizarre video showing Amanda Bynes dancing around a clothing store in New York has some of her fans concerned.

Bynes has had a rough few years. She’s been arrested multiple times and many people believe that the actress may be suffering from mental health issues. The video below has raised those concerns again.

Bynes exhibited some strange behavior during a recent shopping (possible shoplifting) spree in New York. While inside Pookie and Sebastian, Bynes danced around the room, insulted a customer, twerked on her body guard, and mumbled to herself about plastic surgery. Bynes also took off her jacket, wearing nothing but a bra underneath, in the middle of the store while trying on a blouse.

Kevin Matuszak, who owns the store, said: “It was beyond bizarre … Right in front of everybody …. We couldn’t believe it.” Bynes reportedly tried to leave the store in a blouse that she didn’t pay for.

TMZ reports that an hour or so later, Bynes was spotted at a nearby Barneys. A similar situation ensued but this time she tried to leave with a hat. Here’s the Amanda Bynes shoplifting video.

No shoplifting charges have been filed against Amanda Bynes.

Dan Evon

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