Bugatti Veyron Vandalized With Penis Graffiti? Viral Photo Isn’t What It Seems

Did you see the Bugatti Veyron that was vandalized with penis graffiti in Seattle? Well, it may have not actually been a crime.

Several people were angry this week when they saw a photo of the $2.5 million car with a big penis drawn across the hood. How could someone vandalize such a beautiful piece of machinery! Well, it doesn’t appear like this was the work of vandals.

A photo of the car was uploaded to Instagram by AndreysMyGov of VG Productions. Andrey writes that the car was purposefully spray painted for an upcoming music video.

A carregar

How often do u get to spray paint on a Bugatti lol shoutout to the homie @vgtorious for letting us @twinztv1 @twinztv2 @twinz_tv @nigxl @alexwood66

Ver no Instagram

Andrey writes: “Yea bro it’s for an upcoming video we working on. It’s gonna be sick stay tuned bro two Bugatti videos coming in the next couple weeks.” Andrey claims that it’s real spray paint but that may not be true. Here’s another photo with a different red mark, “VG,” on the car.


Shoutout to the guy him self everyone go follow my friend @vgtorious cause he’s a boss! @vgtorious @vgtorious @vgtorious #vgproductions

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The most recent photo from Andrey’s account shows the Bugatti Veyron without any markings. Either VG Productions has a garage full of disposable cars of they are using some sort of paint that is very easy to remove.

Wird geladen

Filming new vid with @vgtorious this one is going to be sick! #vgproductions #bugatti

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Regardless, VG Productions did what they wanted to do and created a buzz on the internet. The story has been picked up by dozens of publications and the photos have been shared thousands of time on social media.


A little joke goes a long way haha

The video featuring the vandalized Bugatti hasn’t been released yet but here’s a look at their previous Bugatti prank video.

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