Ellen DeGeneres And Ice Cube Have A Pick-Up Line Competition [Watch]

ellen and ice cube pick up lines

Ellen DeGeneres and Ice Cube went head to head in a ‘Pick-Up Line’ Battle.

Standing in front of a make shift bar, which Ice Cube could not get enough of… or he used eating the snacks as a prop to look calm and collected. Ellen DeGeneres started it off with “Come here often?” Ice Cube was not impressed and retracted with “That’s it?”

Here we go.

Most of the lines were something you have probably heard before, with an Ellen and Ice Cube twist. By far the best one was Ellen’s “You with all those curves and me no brakes.” Watch the clip and tell us your favorite line?

Ice Cube was on The Ellen Show promoting his newest animated film adventure called “The Book of Life” which will be out on October 17.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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