World’s Most Expensive Burger, The Glamburger, Costs $1770 At London Restaurant

Would you rather pay rent or have a $1770 burger? The world’s most expensive burger, called the Galmburger, was recently unveiled at in London.

Chef Chris Lanrge created the Glamburger for Honk Tonk, an American style diner in London. The burger features Kobe Wagyu beef, New Zealand Venison, caviar, smoked Himalayan salt, black truffle brie, Lobster poached in Iranian saffron, a hickory smoked duck egg, Japanese matcha, champagne jus, grated white truffle, and, of course, bacon. The entire burger is also covered in gold leaf.

Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive burger.

Large said in a press release: “After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember.”

Record Setters declared that the Glamburger is the World’s Most Expensive Burger but it doesn’t quite beat an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. Guinness gives the honor to Juicys Food in Oregon which created a $5,000 burger in 2000.

Regardless, a $1,700 burger is ridiculously expensive and out of most people’s price range. Still, there is a chance that you could try it for free. According to MSN, Groupon will celebrate the sale of its five millionth food item by giving away a Glamburger.

Groupon writes: “Ever sat down to a greasy takeaway and rallied, “There must be more to fast food than this”? Now there most definitely is, in the form of the record-breaking, jaw-dropping Glamburger. Created by Groupon in partnership with Honky Tonk restaurant to celebrate the sale of our five millionth food and drink voucher, the £1,100 burger has been verified as the world’s most expensive by RecordSetter.”

[Image Via Groupon]

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