Raven Symone Doles Out Advice To Child Stars

You would think that someone like Raven Symone, who basically grew up in the spotlight, would have a little sympathy for child stars. But that isn’t the case.

The former star of the Cosby Show and That’s So Raven appeared on Oprah: Where Are They Now? this week and told the talk show host that she doesn’t feel sorry for the child stars that get mixed up in scandals.

Symone said: “My parents taught me to keep my private life private … They showed me all the role models out there that I could turn in to, and what I want for myself in the future. And seeing all the… child stars going off the edge, what I’ve learned? It’s unnecessary to go to the most popular restaurant in the world when you have a scandal on your head, and then get mad that someone’s going to take a picture of you … That’s your fault, boo-boo. Stay in the house.”

Raven Symone rose to fame in the late 80s when she starred alongside Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show. She’s also had parts in movies like The Little Rascals, tv shows like Hanging With Mr. Cooper, and landed her own show, That’s So Raven, in 2003.

Needless to say, she knows a few things about growing up in the spotlight.

What do you think about Raven Symone’s advice? Can future child stars stay out of the tabloids simply by avoiding fancy restaurants? You can watch her interview with Oprah below.

Dan Evon

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