It’s ‘Mean Girls’ Appreciation Day! Fans Celebrate On Twitter

It’s October 3rd and you know what that means… It’s Mean Girls Appreciation Day!

Yes, that’s a real thing. The hashtags #MeanGirlsAprreciationDay, #NationalMeanGirlsDay, and #ItsOctober3rd have all been trending on Twitter this morning.

OK, it’s clear that Mean Girls has an incredibly huge fan base. But why October 3rd? If you have to ask…

Yep, that simple scene – a guy asking a girl what day it is – has spawned a social media holiday. And in case you’re wondering, Aaron Samuels now knows that today is October 3rd.

Fans have been celebrating Mean Girls all day today. They’ve been sharing quotes, images, gifs, on Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, they’ve been rewatching the movie over and over again.

Mean Girls solidified Lindsay Lohan as a star (at least temporarily) and proved that Tina Fey was one of the funniest writers in the business. There was a sequel to the movie in 2011 but neither Lohan or Fey was involved. Recently, however, Lohan has expressed interest in doing another Mean Girls movie. The actress hasn’t had much luck in recent days and could really use another hit.

Unfortunately, Tina Fey hasn’t expressed any interest in writing another Mean Girls movie.


Dan Evon

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