Crispy M&M’s Are Coming Back This January

Remember crispy M&M’s? Mars is planning on bringing the popular candy back to the United States this January.

Buzzfeed reports that social media played a big part in the decision. Seth Klugherz, the senior director of M&M’s Chocolate Candies, said that he has been asked “nearly daily” to bring Crispy M&M’s back since the candy disappeared from store shelves in the United States back in 2005.

Klugherz said: “(Calls to bring back Crispy M&M’s are “coming in the form of Facebook posts, they’re coming in the form of calls to our customer service hotline, petitions — which, I didn’t know you could petition to have products back — it’s really a very broad-based group.”

It looks like Mars is making the decision. Twitter has been rejoicing all morning about the return of M&M Crispy.

Mars never stopped producing Crispy M&M’s. The candy has been available in countries like Germany and Austria for the last decade but it hasn’t been available in the United States for close to a decade.

Mars isn’t the only company reviving one of its classic products. Coca-Cola recently announced that it was bringing Surge back. And if you look at the entertainment industry…. well, you’ve got Dumb And Dumber ToClerks III, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a full length film about the game Tetris. 

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