5 Horror Movie Characters to Follow on Twitter This Halloween

As we reach the beginning of October and fall begins to draw in, many will already be thinking about Halloween. You might be planning costumes, you might be starting a movie marathon — you’re getting into the spirit of things early. And you’re not alone. At the end of most horror movies, it’s made very clear that the killer/monster/leprechaun may have been disposed of for now, but they’re still very much at large.

Often, this leaves the character open to star in a string of sequels, but where do the villains of horror movies from yesteryear go after that? To Twitter, of course — and what better way to get ready for Halloween than being updated on the latest exploits of some of cinema’s most terrifying in 140 characters or less.

5. Norman Bates

There are a surprising amount of Norman Bates accounts on Twitter, and an even more surprising amount of them adopt ‘Norm’ rather than the psycho’s full first name. No doubt bolstered by the recent success of the Bates Motel television show, Bates is also committed to helping newer fans appreciate that original movie; in the tweet above he explains its classic shower scene for an emoji-reliant audience.

4. Xenomorph


The Xenomorph of the Alien series — commonly referred to as ‘the alien of the Alien series’ — has been on Twitter for quite some time, hasn’t lost any of its zeal over the course of over two thousand tweets. Still retweeting photographs of space and making vaguely threatening comments towards humans in all caps, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t given a speaking role in the films themselves.

3. Chucky

Doll-turned-killer Chucky is most active on Twitter during the month of October, as you might imagine. While throughout the rest of the year, he’s presumably off going about his own business, the run-up to Halloween is an important time for him to spread the cheer of the season — and promote the release of his movies on DVD. Just as foul-mouthed on Twitter as you would expect from his movies, his tweets are as good a stop-gap as any until we see a seventh film in the Chucky series.

2. Jason Voorhees

It’s easy to look at Jason Voorhees’ actions in the Friday the 13th series and write him off as a mindless slasher. However, his personable attitude on Twitter and friendship with fellow movie murder Michael Myers paint a rather different picture. Underneath his signature hockey mask, perhaps all Jason really wants is a few more followers in Twitter.

1. Stay Puft Marshmellow Man


Stay Puft is one of the all-star novelty accounts on Twitter as a whole. The enormous advertising mascot brought to life at the end of Ghostbusters didn’t have all that much screentime, but it certainly made an impression on audiences. Many would point to the monumental marshmallow as one of the most memorable bits of the film, and for a cult classic such as this, that’s no small accomplishment. Both in terms of its on-screen scale and its wonderful Twitter presence, Stay Puft casts a long shadow.

Brad Jones


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