Saturday Night Live Season 40 Season Premiere Has A Strong Comeback, Chris Pratt Slays

Chris Pratt on SNL

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 40th season this past weekend, September 27. That’s right, 40!

Chris Pratt had the hosting honors, while Ariana Grande was the musical guest. This was each, Pratt and Grande’s, first time being on the show. That wasn’t the only thing new. SNL cast alum Darrell Hammond took over for the well-known Don Pardo as the announcer.

Chris Pratt’s monologue was… interesting. He is very good looking and his jokes were strong. Not sure if that song was written to be awkward and seemingly ‘off the top of his head’ but his wife, Anna Faris, made an appearance and she looked happy to be there. Maybe?

Anna Faris

Watch the monologue below:

No one could have guessed Chris Pratt and Taran Killam would touch each other’s packages in the first sketch, but no one was upset about it. “He-Man and Lion-O” was a huge hit. Toys that come to life and do not understand the real world, run around breaking things, eating cake, and patting crotches. It does not disappoint.

With every SNL opener, it consisted much of what everyone missed during the summer. So the easy target being the NFL was surely included.

What did you think of Season 40’s opener? Share with us in the comments.

Sarah Silverman is set to host SNL next Saturday, October 4, with Maroon 5 as the musical guest.


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