Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Congratulations Chelsea Clinton! Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter now has a daughter of her own.

The 34-year-old introduced her new daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, to the world this morning.

Bill and Hillary haven’t issued their own statements yet but they did retweet their daughter’s message. Chelsea Clinton also received so many congratulatory messages on Twitter and her name started trending.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of their grandchild. Hillary, who is currently playing with the idea of running for president, said that she was excited to read “goodnight moon” to her granddaughter. Bill said that he’s going to try hard not to be too controlling and let Hillary raise her child how she wants to raise her.

Bill said: “Every day I get up and I say, ‘You have to remember whose child this is. Do not interfere. Be there when you are welcome. Be loving but not judgmental.”

Congratulations Chelsea Clinton!

[Image Via Twitter]

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