Dr. King, Malcolm X Cheated? Wiz Khalifa Fans Defend Amber Rose Affair

Hey guys, listen up. Twitter has found the perfect loophole for cheating on your wife. If you ever get caught having an affair just tell her that it’s OK because Dr. King and Malcolm X also cheated…. That’s got to work, right?

Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa earlier this week and today she took to Twitter to clear up some rumors.

Well, Twitter had an interesting reaction to the announcement. Instead of condemning Wiz Khalifa for cheating on his wife, they tried to justify his actions by saying “so what, Dr. King and Malcolm X also cheated.”

Seriously? Men do make mistakes (so do women) but that doesn’t make cheating OK. And saying that other people in history have also made the same mistakes… well, that doesn’t make it OK either.

Thankfully, more level headed voices have prevailed on Twitter.

Do you think the “this guy cheated so it’s OK if I cheat” defense is as ridiculous as we do?

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Dan Evon

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