Eric Stonestreet Gets Scared On Ellen… Again [Watch]

Eric stonestreet on ellen

The name Eric Stonestreet may not be familiar the first time you hear it, but if you were to mention Cam on Modern Family, that could ring many bells. Here is a funny reminder:

eric stonestreet

Eric has been to The Ellen Show a handful of times. All of his interviews are very similar, in that he gets scared every single time. It has happened so many times, he brought two of his friends to be body guards for any member of the Ellen DeGeneres crew that could come around the corner and scare him. Too bad Ellen is always three steps ahead and knows how to ‘think outside the box.’

The first time, Eric Stonestreet was scared by a clown, then a dog, and finally, with Halloween coming up, why not another clown hiding in the table in between Ellen and the guest chair?

Poor Eric, but we love it.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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