Sofia Vergara And Jimmy Fallon Flip Lips [Video]

Lip Flip on Tonight Show

Have you ever paused and replayed then paused a clip, movie, or TV show before because the stills were sometimes more funny than what you were watching? This video is kind of like that, except what is happening is still funny regardless.

Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and participated in the segment called “Lip Flip.” Jimmy had Sofia Vergara’s lips, lip stick and all, and Sofia had Jimmy’s lips, with a nice shadow from his facial hair.

Please do yourself the favor and watch the video through, then pause when the camera is on Sogia Vergara with Jimmy Fallon’s lips at any time. Perfection.

Vergara 1

Vergara 2

What else could be said about this video? Watch and love!

[Photo credit: Youtube]


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