Obama Gives ‘Latte Salute’ To Soldier [Video]

President Obama is receiving a lot of flak today for giving a “latte salute” to two soliders while stepping off of Air Force One.

Obama was holding a cup of coffee when he stepped off of Air Force One in New York City. A few marines were waiting for the president at the bottom of the steps so Obama raised his hand, while holding his latte, and gave a salute to his troops.

It was the latte salute heard around the world.

The incident, which was posted to the White House’s Instagram page, was seen as severely disrespectful by several people. The comment section of the video quickly filled up with comments calling the “latte salute” “unpresidential,” “classless” and “inappropriate.”

Do you have a problem with President Obama’s latte salute? Here are some reactions from Twitter.

Yahoo News notes that while it is protocol for members of the US military to salute the Commander in Chief, it is not required for the commander in chief to salute back. There are no rules, at least to my knowledge, about saluting while holding a cup of coffee. But we’re guessing that it’s frowned upon.

Dan Evon

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