iPhone 6 Bending in Pockets; Twitter Reacts to #Bendgate

Following on from the unwanted U2 album controversy and the viral video of one of the first customers to buy a new iPhone in Australia dropping it on the street, Apple seem to have encountered another bump in the road with a possible flaw in their iPhone 6 design. A myriad of users are reporting that their new device has bent while sat in their pocket — something of a disaster for a phone that can cost up to $499.

Of course, it’s as yet unknown just how widespread this problem is. The fact of the matter is, in this day and age such a story can get blown well out of proportion thanks so the ease of sharing such a story via social media. There is something inherently funny about the thought of a brand new smartphone not being able to stand up to the massive pressure of being stowed into someone’s pocket. It wouldn’t quite so funny if it was your brand new iPhone, of course.

Here is the best of Twitter reaction to the controversy quickly being known as #bendgate — commiserations to anyone currently reading this article on a bent iPhone.

It’s Not a Fault, It’s a Feature

Is it possible that rather than the bending being a design flaw, we’re simply seeing a new innovation from Apple that makes the once-turgid smartphone something that can truly be shaped by you? Perhaps we should look at #bendgate as the ultimate form of user customization; iPhone 7 users might look at bending the same way we look at personal wallpapers.


It’s also been noted that there’s a fairly easy fix for users who don’t want to take advantage of this innovation; simply use the function to bend it back the other way.

The Great Trouser Debate

Much of the blame for #bendgate has been transferred from Apple to manufacturers of skinny jeans. Is it possible that it’s the sheer tightness of today’s trousers that lies at the root of this problem? According to Twitter, there’s such a large overlap between skinny jeans wearers and Apple aficionados that there’s little cause to doubt that this is indeed the case.


Everyone’s a Comedian

If you have been affected by #bendgate, at least you can have your mood lightened a little by the huge influx of jokes on Twitter poking fun at your current situation. Nothing lifts the spirit like a stranger on the internet indirectly making fun of you on a public forum, right? There have been some very funny tweets, though.



Brad Jones


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