7 Entertaining Brands on Twitter You’ll Want to Follow

You know how you get all excited that your favorite celebrity or brand gets on Twitter, and you immediately follow, only to be disappointed? Maybe it’s because they rarely tweet, or worse, their tweets are so boring you’d fall asleep even after downing a can of Monster.

There are, however, some brands that are rocking it on Twitter, making their followers laugh, feel good, and probably getting new customers out of their efforts. Whether they are modern brands with stores using iPad POS systems, or they’re service providers, or they’re eCommerce websites on Shopify, there are some amusing Twitter accounts to follow. Here are some of the most entertaining brands on Twitter.

1. Delta

Who would have thought that an airline would be entertaining? Doesn’t everyone complain about airlines after all? Well, Delta’s social media team is doing it right with tweets keeping up with pop culture.

Follow Delta on Twitter: @Delta

2. DiGiorno Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, but DiGiorno takes it to the next level with their Twitter account. With tweets like below, they’re definitely one of the more entertaining brands to follow.

Unsurprisingly, the latter tweet got a lot of replies, which are quite funny, too.

Follow DiGiorno on Twitter: @DiGiornoPizza

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – I love, and their donuts, of course. The brand is also doing great on Twitter, not only with their branding, but also with how they respond to tweets and handle complaints. Additionally, they hold promos that also incorporate current events.

Follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter: @DunkinDonuts

4. Charmin

Toilet paper is toilet paper, right? NOPE! Call it a guilty pleasure, but there is toilet paper, and there’s Charmin. But it’s not exactly a fun topic, is it? Then again, if you look at Charmin’s Twitter account, you’ll see why it’s part of the entertaining brands list.

Follow Charmin on Twitter: @Charmin

5. Disney Words

Disney is Disney, and with all its movies, there are sure a lot of quotable quotes that they can share on Twitter. For quotes lovers, this is the account to follow.

Follow Disney Words on Twitter: @disneywords

6. National Geographic

For sapiophiles, National Geographic’s Twitter account will certainly be most entertaining. It does give you all sorts of information – science, travel, weather, and what-have-you – but it also engages its followers.

Follow National Geographic on Twitter: @NatGeo

7. Old Spice

Ah, who could ever forget those series of commercials with The Old Spice Guy, who made every other guy in the world feel inadequate? While he may not be the biggest thing these days, the brand is still doing it on Twitter. Just look at the quips below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Follow Old Spice on Twitter: @OldSpice

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