Sam Pepper Explains Butt Pinching Videos

Sam Pepper stirred up some massive internet outrage this weekend when he uploaded a video of himself pinching strange’s butts. Journalists, YouTubers, and pretty much anyone with a Twitter account criticized Pepper for making light of sexual assault.

Well, according to Pepper, the whole thing was part of a social experiment.

Pepper released “Fake Hand Ass Pinching: Part 3” today and explained what he was trying to accomplish with the first two videos. Pepper said that both videos (one featured him pinching guy butts and the other featured women butts) were staged and scripted.

Pepper said: “It goes without saying that you can’t go around pinching bums without asking… everyone in this video was informed of what I was doing and supported what I was trying to achieve… The majority of viewers were disgusted by such displays of open sexual harassment. That’s how it should be.”

Sam Pepper said that he wanted to draw attention to the everyday sexual assault that many women face. The YouTuber also wanted to point out that men are also frequently the victim of abuse.

You can check out Sam Pepper’s “reveal” below.”

Pepper’s first two videos were removed from YouTube but you can still watch them on Facebook.

Here’s the Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank: Part One.

Here’s the Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank: Part Two.

What do you think of Sam Pepper’s social experiment? Do you still think he crossed a line? Is it time for the internet to admit it was wrong and forgive Sam Pepper?

Well, not exactly. Many people are still upset with the YouTuber, saying that he has demonstrated disrespect for women in several of his videos and that his “reveal” is simply a PR move.

What do you think about Sam Pepper? Do you think he’s hiding behind a “social experiment” excuse? Or was he really trying to raise awareness about sexual assault?

Dan Evon

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