Cutest Yellow Card Ever: Alessandro Florenzi Gets Penalized For Hugging Grandma

Everyone likes to celebrate after scoring a goal. Some people take off their shirts and run down the field. Some people do strange little dances. Allessandro Florenzi hands out hugs.

The 23-year-old midfielder scored his first goal of the season when Roma took on Cagliari this weekend and he only wanted to celebrate with one person: His grandma.

Shortly after scoring in the 13th minute of Roma’s match against Cagliari, Florenzi ran up into the stands to find his grandma. Florenzi was given a yellow card for running into the stands but we’re guessing that it was worth it. The sweet moment went viral and probably earned Florenzi a few more fans.

Florenzi told reporters after the game that he didn’t really have a choice over his post-goal celebration. The Roma Midfielder said that his grandmother would only agree to come to the game if he promised to come over and say hi.

Roma manager Rudi Garcia said: “His celebration was an emotional one … He’ll pay a fine for the booking, but I think he’ll believe it was well worth it.’

photo credit: Bringsverd via photopin cc

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