Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Leak Online, Twitter Distracted By Her Blackberry

A new batch of celebrity nude photos are making their way around the internet. This time, it’s Kim Kardashian’s nude photos that are being leaked online.

Kim Kardashian’s nude photos come just a few weeks after “The Fappening.” Earlier this month, a trove of nude photos were placed online. The photos, which showed celebrities like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress, sparked an FBI investigation.

It’s unclear if today’s leak is connected to “The Fappening.” What we do know is that it looks like Kim Kardashian’s nude photos are a few years old. I mean, come on, she’s taking the photo with a Blackberry.

The photos popped up on 4Chan early this morning (the same site where the Fappening started) and were soon uploaded to the popular image sharing site Imgur. And now, well, they are all over the internet.

Photos of Hope Solo and Lake Bell, Vannessa Hudgens and Aubrey Plaza have also been leaked this weekend.

When nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence appeared online the internet was furious about such a gross invasion of piracy. With Kim Kardashian, however, it seems like the majority of the internet finds the leak funny.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame after appearing in a sex tape and she’s appeared in some pretty scandalous photos since then, that still doesn’t make it OK to steal someone’s private property and post it the internet.

Dan Evon

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