Amy Adams in Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Is Certainly Eye Popping [Watch]

Amy Adams in Big Eyes

Coming out on Christmas Day, Big Eyes, the drama by Tim Burton certainly has Oscar written all over it.

Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz play Margaret and Walter Keane, a married couple who became a sensation in the fifties and sixties in large part due to Margarets talented ability to paint. Unfortunately, her husband takes all the credit for her work claiming that people buy art from men and not art created by a woman. Her artwork  is so popular due to the big eyes found in all of the paintings.

This internal and financial struggle turns into a lawsuit battle. Tim Burton seems to be taking a step back from his horror and gothic themes, but definitely plants a few seeds throughout this film.

What did your think of the trailer? Are you planning on seeing it?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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