Bryan Cranston’s Spoof One Man Baseball Show Is Hilarious [Video]

Bryan Cranston has taken a few interesting projects since the end of Breaking Bad. Sure, he’s starred in major blockbusters like Godzilla but he’s also done a few fantastic comedy sketches. His latest is a spoof one man show about baseball.

The one man show starts with Cranston sitting on the steps talking about his acting career. Cranston says that after the success of Breaking Bad he really wanted to get back to his first passion: baseball.

Cranston says: “I had been doing a lot of TV and movie work and I just thought it was time for me to get back to the basics by diving right into my great passion: baseball. I also knew I wanted to do this one man show so then it hit me: Why not dramatize the entire MLB post season.”

But the real magic happens when Cranston starts showing clips from his one man show. The “One Who Knocks” gives amazing insight into what it’s like trying to steal second. He shows the world how to give a post-game speech. And when the crowd starts booing, he magically turns it into applause.

Brian Cranston’s one man show may just be another commercial for the MLB post-season, but we’re kind of hoping for another installment. The “One Who Knocks” really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Dan Evon

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