Kristen Wiig And Ellen DeGeneres Butcher Frozen’s “Let It Go” And It’s Just What That Song Needed [Watch]

Degeneres and Wiig sing Let It Go

You know it. You’ve heard it. You have heard parodies. You heard it again. But you have never heard it like this. It is just what you need.

Kristen Wiig was a guest on The Ellen Show and both figured out they have not caught the Frozen bug. Ellen DeGeneres said she is “probably one of the only human beings on this planet that doesn’t know that song, ‘Let It Go’.” When Wiig chimed in saying all she knows is that the words “let it go” are in there.

In true Ellen fashion, she decided for the both of them to try and sing it together and it’s just awful, but so good in every way. The waving in arms and butchering the lyrics made me like the song for just a few minutes.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig “sing” the song you all know from Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go.”

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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