Instagram Saw Over 800,000 Photos From Hurricane Sandy

Instagram played a big part in spreading photos of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy with over 800,000 related photos being uploaded to it. This news comes from CEO Kevin Systrom who spoke at GigaOm’s RoadMap conference today.

Over 800,000 photos were shared with the hashtag #Sandy which was by far the largest single photographed event for the photo app said Kevin. Being that there were that many with the hashtag, there could have been hundreds of thousands, even more photos than that which were uploaded and not easily as identifiable.

Sandy affected the lives of millions of people and currently the death toll in the US stands around 110 people. For Instagram, the hurricane far exceeds the previous record which was last year’s Super Bowl at around 85,000 photos.

With 100 million users and around five billion photos shared, it’s no wonder that it saw so many photos being shared. It’s not all good news for Instagram however as Twitter is reported to be working on their own photo filters on mobile.

When asked his thoughts on it, Kevin Systrom said that he doesn’t believe it will affect them as Instagram is a community and not just a filters app. Considering that Facebook now owns them and Twitter was rumored to acquire them instead, there could definitely be some hard feelings between the two.

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