Nicki Minaj: My Old School Won’t Let Me Return To Speak With Students

Nicki Minaj may be an inspiration to some people but the principle at her old high school isn’t too impressed. The “Anaconda” singer said that she offered to speak at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School but the principal said no.

A lot of people are assuming that the principal declined Minaj’s offer because she would be a bad influence on the children. But we don’t know that. The school could have declined Minaj’s offer for any number of reasons. Maybe scheduling didn’t work out. Maybe the school didn’t want kids to miss class. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they can do anything they want.

Still, most kids would have been thrilled to get a visit from Nicki Minaj and she could have inspired them in a way that teachers and parents just can’t. Her fans sounded off on Twitter.

A school official responded to the controversy this morning saying that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

The official said: “Of course alumni are welcome back to our campuses and we love to celebrate their success, providing it does not interrupt the educational process … However, we do not allow reality TV to be filmed on school property. For documentaries, any visit to a public school must be educational in nature and cannot intrude on instruction.”

So, Nicki Minaj wanted to film her appearance for a documentary? Looks like there’s slightly more to this story than the “Anaconda” singer getting rejected for being a bad role model.

On the bright side, the singer did teach one lesson to today’s youth. If you’re unhappy with something, the best thing to do is to complain about it on Twitter.

Dan Evon

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