Mike Tyson Snaps On TV Reporter [Video]

Mike Tyson sat down with Toronto TV interviewer Nathan Downer earlier this week to talk about his support for mayor Rob Ford. When Downer asked the boxer about his rape conviction in 1992, well, Tyson didn’t really appreciate it.

In Downer’s defense, the question wasn’t completely out of the blue. The reporter wanted to know if Tyson’s rape conviction could hinder Mayor Rob Ford’s bid at re-election. In Tyson’s defense, that is a really stupid question.

After Downer turned the conversation from Toronto politics to rape convictions, Tyson kind of snapped. The boxer managed to maintain his composure but he did have some very choice words for the reporter.

Tyson said: “It’s so interesting, you seem like such a nice guy but you’re really a piece of shit. No, no f*ck you. You’re a piece of shit.”

Downer, and Tyson’s manager, tried to steer the conversation away from the boxer’s past, but Tyson was still upset about the question and dropped a few more “you’re a piece of shit” bombs by the end of the interview.

Here’s the video.


Downer addressed the situation on Twitter after the interview. He didn’t exactly apologize for bringing up Mike Tyson’s rape conviction, but he did say that he had no ill will toward the boxer.

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