Justin Bieber Strips On Staged, People Boo Him And It’s Awkward

Bieber on stage

Justin Bieber lived that nightmare you have when you imagine yourself on stage and everyone is booing you off. Except he was half naked. Awkward. Literally.. the audience and now anyone who watches this video can feel the awkward.

Bieber’s surprise appearance on CBS’s Fashion Rocks live concert and charity fundraiser was not fun for the singer. Immediately as the 20-year-old walked on stage, the boos erupted. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York was full of booty… but just three of those letters pertain to the Biebs.

“I actually don’t feel comfortable unless I’m in my Calvin’s. So, what’s up? Is that cool?” he said to his co-presentor as he begins to strip and everyone loses their damn minds. Not in a good way. He makes sexy faces and thrusting movements which just amplified the booing.

Ugh. So much awkward.

[Photo credit: Getty Images]


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