Facebook Releases 2014 NFL Fandom Map

People from Seattle root for the Seahawks. People from Atlanta root for the Falcons. But what about people who don’t live in one of the cities with an NFL team? Facebook released it’s 2014 NFL map today.

Facebook writes: “The 2014 NFL season is here, and the Facebook data team is taking a look at fandom for all 32 teams, along with the total interactions and top social moments from Thursday night’s opener. Today we’re releasing a map that shows where football fans live based on which NFL team they “Like” on Facebook. Note, each county is color-coded based on which official NFL team page has the most Facebook “Likes” by people who live in that county.”

It’s no surprise that most fans live close to their favorite team. But here’s a few things you may have not noticed from the map.

  • The 49ers have a lot of fans in Hawaii. In 2013, most of the island state was rooting for the Raiders.
  • The Denver Broncos are represented in 10 states. Every county in Denver is rooting for the Broncos (no surprise) but Peyton Manning has also expanded the empire into all surrounding states and New Mexico and Nevada.
  • The Cowboys have a similar empire. In addition to having nearly all of Texas (sorry Texans) they also have a strong fan base in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Nevada.
  • The New York Jets don’t have ANY fans. Well, sure, they have some fans. But the Jets do not have the majority of fans in any single county in the United States.

Do you see anything surprising about Facebook NFL map?

[Image Via Facebook]

Dan Evon

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