All American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailers In One Place [Video]

AHS Freak Show

Since early June when Sarah Paulson let the world into the American Horror Story: Freakshow craze, tweeting a photo of her upcoming character role(s), fans could not contain their excitement. Then a call list was mysteriously released for episode 1 and the fandom hit the fan.

Ryan Murphy and the Freahshow gang have been releasing trailers bit by bit to entice the old and new fans for the upcoming fourth installment of the hit show. Here they are all in one place.

1. Admit One

2. Lick

3. Spotlight

4. Caged

5. Head to Toe

6. Twisted Smile

7. Open Wide

8. Sword Swallow

If that isn’t enough to freak you out and keep you on the edge of your seat. Look at the official AHS Freak Show poster below.

Official AHS poster


[Photo credit: FX]


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