‘The Little Rascals’ Recreate Their Well-Known Movie Poster 20 Years Later

What is a fun way to make you feel REALLY old? When one of your favorite childhood movies recreates their movie poster 20 years later.

The 1994 film, The Little Rascals, came together for the 20th anniversary celebration and posed for another movie poster. This time, the kids we watched are all full grown adults posed in the same way with the same faces and it’s perfection.

Here is the original: (does the phrase ‘On Videocassette’ make anyone else cringe?)

The Little Rascals original

Here is the recreated poster: #Rascals20th

The Little Rascals 20 years later

A little time machine bonus: Bug Hall and Travis Tedford, who played Alfalfa and Spanky respectively, got back in costume for the Nutcracker seen. Tedford tweeted a photo of the two.


[Photo credit: Universal Pictures]


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