New Jersey Realtor Uses Twitter To Keep Evacuated In The Loop

Hurricane Sandy slammed the east coast on Monday, and many people are still left without power. For those who were close to the coastline, flooding was a significant threat and evacuation seemed unavoidable. As we saw from the photos, flooding did hit quite a few areas.

New Jersey was hit pretty badly and people who evacuated are staying elsewhere until power is fully restored. This led them to Twitter to ask if anyone knew anything about the areas they lived in as they had no information to go on.

Dennis Allen, owner of Ashore Realty located in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey, saw people asking questions and decided he could help. Being that he was on the scene, he not only personally replied to tweets, but also offered to take photos of people’s homes if they texted him their address.

Many photos later, Dennis is still helping out those in his area and offering a great service. Here’s just a few tweets that have been sent out so far:

With many businesses looking at Twitter as a way to promote their products and services, it’s great to see them helping their community in times like these.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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