Britney Spears Posts Instagram Video After Breakup

Britney Spears is single again.

The singer recently dumped David Lucado, her boyfriend of 18-months, after a video surfaced that reportedly showed him cheating on her. Spears posted a video to Instagram shortly after the break-up saying that she was having a really “sh*tty day.”

Fortunately, it looks like Spears also found the solution to a “sh*tty day.” All you have to do is find a person with hearts on their shoes.

Spears said: “OK if you ever have a really, really, sh–ty day, find someone with shoes with hearts on them … Made my day!”

According to NY Daily News, the video of Lucado making out with another women was being shopped around to various tabloid outlets. It was reportedly purchased by Spears’ father Jamie Spears who wanted to protect his daughter from embarrassment of the video going public.

TMZ reports that Jamie Spears is also threatening to sue anyone who tries to make another copy of the video public.

Jamie Spears may have stopped the video from leaking online, for now, but Britney Spears may have just confirmed it’s existence with her “sh*tty day” video.

[Image Via Instagram]

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