‘Full House’ Returning To TV? Revival Reportedly In The Works

Wait, what?! Full House is returning to TV? Warner Bros. Television is reportedly talking about bringing the show back with some members of the original cast.

Variety reports that the Full House revival is still in the very early stages. The idea reportedly centers around John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the classic sitcom. The new show would also involve series creator Jeff Franklin as well as some of the other original cast members.

Stamos hasn’t commented on the rumor yet but he did send a tweet out this morning.

That tweet, however, was probably directed at a different rumor. Earlier this week a TMZ reporter insinuated that Stamos was gay.

Sorry, back to the Full House rumors.

It wouldn’t be too surprising for Warner Bros. to bring back Full House. Sure, the show has been off the air for nearly two decades but it still manages to bring in a big audience. Reruns on Nick At Nite currently bring in an average of 1.5 million viewers.

Warner Bros. may also be considering a Full House revival thanks to the success of Girl Meets World. The Disney Channel recently brought back Boy Meets World stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishell for a new show. Girl Meets World has brought in strong ratings and may encourage other networks to go the revival route.

Would you watch a new version of Full House? 

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