Dear ESPN, Michael Sam’s Shower Routine Is Not News

Dear ESPN, nobody cares about Michael Sam’s shower habits.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, but ESPN took things a little too far today when they started reporting about the potential St. Louis Rams player’s shower habits.

Yes, apparently the world needs to know when Michael Sam takes a shower, who is in the shower with him, and if anyone jokes about dropping the soap.

When asked if Michael Sam was fitting in with the Rams, ESPN reporter Josina Anderson said that Sam has been very respectful of his teammate’s space and may even be waiting to use the shower to make sure that no one is uncomfortable.

This was a prepared answer from Anderson. She apparently talked to multiple players about Sam’s showering habits. Some gave answers like “it seems like he’s waiting” for everyone to leave the locker room. While others gave answers like “I’m not tracking Michael Sam’s shower habits.”

Or as Chris Long put it…

Here’s ESPN’s groundbreaking report on Michael Sam’s shower habits.

Michael Sam is a big story. If he makes the St. Louis Rams roster it will be a breakthrough moment for the LGBT community. Does he have the talent? Does he have the drive? Can he stand the heat of the spotlight? Those are stories. How often he showers… Come on, ESPN. You’re better than this.

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