Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Bryan Cranston Make Out At 2014 Emmys [Watch]

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After shooting an Emmy promo together, Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus rekindled an old love scene at the 2014 Emmy Awards last night.

Both Dreyfus and Cranston took the stage to announce Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and the Breaking Bad lead tried to remind the Veep star of their old pairing on Seinfeld. Cranston played the dentist, Tim Whatley, and actaully had a kissing scene with Dreyfus, but she was unable to recall that it was actually Cranston on the show.

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seinfeld 2

Apparently, Cranston wanted to remind Julia of their special Seinfeld moment. When Jimmy Fallon announced Dreyfus as the Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy, Cranston intercepted her on the way to the stage and made out with her. Watch the clip and Dreyfus’ response below.


[Photo credit: Buzzfeed]


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