Eminem And Rihanna Do Ice Bucket Challenge On Stage [Video]

Eminem ice bucket challenge

Eminem and Rihanna wrapped up their Monster tour last night in Eminem’s hometown with an audience of 45,000 people. At the Comerica Park in Detroit, the pair of singers were doused with ice cold water to finish off the successful night.

Eminem’s hype man, Denaun Porter, was the one to remind Slim Shady he agreed to take part in the ALS campaign, “I knew this sh*t was coming, but tonight?”

Just after Eminem, Rihanna was challenged and took it like a champ even though she had her reservations.

“Detroit, what you think? Should I do it? I’m from the islands, I don’t do this ice sh*t! This ice sh*t doesn’t work for me.”

What a way to end a tour. Watch from Eminem’s Facebook post below.

[Photo credit: Facebook]


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