Ice Bucket Challenge Death? Hoax Circulates On Twitter

The ice bucket challenge has raised millions for ALS. It has also spawned a few death hoaxes. Two stories are going viral today claiming that people have died shortly after filming their videos.

The first story claims that a woman died 30 seconds after pouring a bucket of ice water on her head. The hoax story claims that a woman named Latasha Brown died from hypothermia after participating in the ice bucket challenge. The story has been shared thousands of times but there’s no truth to it.

The story reads: “Latasha Brown accepted a friendly online challenge invite from her best friend via Facebook the challenge is to toss a bucket of ice cold water over your body. Latashs Brown died from hypothermia 30 seconds later her frozen body was rushed the the hospital where coroner Will Jackson declared her death.”

The second story claims that a young man died after one of his friends dropped a bucket of water on his head while filming an Ice Bucket Challenge video. The short clip shows Sergio Cardozo sitting in a chair with a football helmet on as his friends hold a garbage bin full of ice water above him on the balcony. When his friends drop the bucket, it looks like Sergio gets knocked unconscious.

The video went viral after it was posted by Drake on Twitter with the caption “Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong.” ANd yes, this is definitely the wrong way to do the Ice Bucket Challenge but there haven’t been any reports, except from the fake news website Huzzlers, that the person in the video broke his neck.

If you want to see an Ice Bucket Challenge video gone right… check out this one from Bill Gates.

Dan Evon

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